Some examples

Using our 2 and 4 core tactical cable we can break out cores to the individual connectors and fit a pulling tube. This protects the connectors and can be used as the pulling system when rigging the cable.

This is an example of a TAC2 singlemode fibre cable being broken out to duplex LCs and fitted in a tough, hose pulling tube with rope eye. It has a 50cm 3mm breakout and a 60cm pulling tube.

This customer had some camera equipment that required 2 singlemode fibre cores terminated with duplex LC.
They wanted a field deployable outer-end of the cable and a LC duplex barrel mounted in the hub of the drum.

For this we used our tough hosing and a 50cm 3mm break-out to 2x LCs for the remote/outer end and terminated the hub end to 2x LC and mounted them in a Neutrik DUO chassis connector. They could then use 2/3m duplex singlemode patch leads to patch to their equipment.