Delphi 4 channel connector

Delphi 4-channel fibre connector The Delphi plug is a standard pin-socket connector that has been designed to withstand miltary demands and is highly effective against crushing, impact, cable twisting and bending.

It's genderless connection prevents cables being run in incorrectly and it's ease of cleaning has led to many companies purchasing cleaning kits and maintaining the cable and connectors themselves.

It is available with Single or Multi-mode cable and has the option of the Unique, Rugged Tactical fibre optic reel available in SM, MD or XL (details on reels available on request).

Delphi Chassis Mount

Delphi 4-channel fibre connector chassis The Delphi chassis mount can made to individual fibre cores for smaller applications, e.g. 30cm inside a Telecast Viper mussel shell , or to tougher 6mm TAC4 cable and then broken out to it's individual cores, e.g. 10m through a satellite truck.

Also available, Delphi plug to 4 individual core flail. Terminated to any standard connector such as ST/SC or LC and to any length.