LEMO 3K.93C FUW/PUW hybrid camera cable assemblies

LEMO 3k.93C connector The 3K.93C uses a standard butt joint for the 2 fibre, 4 power and 2 signal cores. The F2 fibre contact in the connector is of ceramic design and achieves the highest standard optical performance.
FUW, cable plug, pictured top and PUW, cable socket, pictured bottom.

Furukawa SMPTE spec and ARIB spec cable also available. Price available on request.
Skeleton cable drums available, see the cable reels page in the Fibre Shop for more details.

LEMO 3K.93C FMW/PEW cable chassis assemblies

LEMO 3k.93C connector The FMW (plug, shown here) and PEW cable chassis connectors are generaly used on truck bulk-heads when the length between the chassis connector and the final destination, such as a CCU, could be up to 10/15m, so 3mm fibre would be too vulnerable.

Other lengths, cable manufacturers (such as Furukawa SMPTE & ARIB spec) and connector combinations available on request.

LEMO 3K.93C FXW/EDW chassis connector

LEMO 3k.93C connector The FXW (plug/left) and EDW (socket/right) chassis connectors are for use on kit that utilises the 3K.93C range of connectors. Such as the Telecast CopperHead and Telecast SHED systems.

Options include break-out of the 2 fibre cores to 3mm patch lead of any length to any single connector, fibre break-out and bare copper wires for engineer installation on site or a power/signal connector of your choice such as the Molex wire to wire connector.

Options include different fibre connectors, SC/LC/FC/APC, different signal/power termination such as the Molex wire to wire connector, and different lengths.

SMPTE Breakout Adaptors

LEMO 3k.93C Adaptor Boxes
Our LEMO SMPTE break-out box adapts either the LEMO socket or plug connector to 2x STs.
The 100m metal box come with retained dust caps for both the LEMO and ST connectors.