CD Range

CD3 Cable reel The smallest unit in the range, the CD1, with a 90 mm diameter drum core. Incorporates three cable supports, two connector clips and an integral winding knob.

The larger CD2 and CD3 range are based on one design, with a 230 mm diameter drum core and varying drum widths for greater capacity

Stand-alone reels and stackable for transport, using our standard 6mm TAC4 fibre cable the maximum drum capacities are:

Drum Type Max Capacity/6mm TAC4
CD1 150m
CD2 300m
CD3 600m

Schill Range

Schill Cable reel The Schill range of drums are used on the Neutrik opticalCON connector system. With hub mounting plates for the internal connector they are a good indoor, stand-alone reel.


Drum Type Dimensions/mm Material Max Capacity/6mm TAC4
GT 310 367h x 310w x 229d Plastic drum/metal frame 150m
GT 380 491h x 380w x 291d Plastic drum/metal frame 250m
HT 380 450h x 300w x 230d Metal 300m
HT 480 545h x 350w x 250d Metal 450m

Skeleton OB drums

Skeleton OB Cable reel The skeleton OB drum is the industry standard on most outside broadcasts and we use them for our hire and sale of Hybrid camera cable terminated with LEMO 3K.93C and Delphi TAC4 cable.

Built with a 3rd flange it has room for up to 5m of hybrid cable eliminating the need to reel out all of the cable on the drum in order to use the hub connector.
Easily stackable and hard wearing, these drums need a cable dolly to rig/de-rig their cable.

Avaialable in 2 sizes, 200m Hybrid/400m of TAC4 or 300m Hybrid/600m TAC4.