Field Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit Fibre optic cleaning kit for first response field maintenance.
Possible items included in the leather pouch:

  • Any one-click cleaner as seen below
  • Neutrik QUAD or DUO chassis mount connector for cleaning QUAD or DUO cable plugs
  • Fibre cleaning buds and/or delicate wipes for patch leads.
  • Alignment sleeve removal tool, as seen below
  • Spare alignment sleeves

Alignment sleeve removal tools

Sleeve Toolss For the odd occasion where you need to remove or replace an alignment sleeve on a fibre connector there is the LEMO 3K.93C tool (top) and the Delphi 4-channel sleeve tool (bottom).
Both tools retain the sleeve whilst working on the connector.

One-Click cleaners

One-click cleaners

    Fujikura have developed a range of fibre cleaners that make field maintenance a lot easier.
    The one-click pens pass a piece of cloth over the top of the ferrule, cleaning away any dirt and grit in one click.
    Part Number Description Price
    M20 (grey) For use in LEMO 3K.93C and Delphi 4 core, cleans both male and female pins without the need to take the alignment sleeves out first. £50.00
    LC (blue) For use on Neutrik opticalCON QUAD/DUO chassis mounts plus use a blank chassis connector to clean the ends of a plug connector. £50.00
    SC/ST (green) For use on standard SC & ST fibre connector barrels, such as a fibre connector on a piece of kit. £50.00

    Fibre adaptor

    Neutrik Quad/Duo Break-out box The Mi Broadcast fibre adaptor is a 100mm long metal box with interchangeble end plates for use when adapting between fibre connector types, working as an in-line connecting barrel or breaking out fibre to individual cores.
    Plates include Neutrik opticalCON DUO & QUAD chassis connectors, LEMO 3K.93C FXW & EDW chassis connectors, 2x ST barrels and a 7mm gland..