opticalCon Custom Assemblies

Fibre4TV has worked in the broadcast industry for over 20 years and in that time we have made custom assemblies for our customers, ensuring they have the correct connector on the correct cable for their job.

QUAD/DUO Breakout Box

Our opticalCon breakout boxes are for kit that require a more standard connector, such as the ST, SC or LC. They come with either Tactical ruggedised cable or patch lead.

Neutrik Breakout Box Price, excluding VAT & Delivery ;

QUAD TAC4 - £150.00
DUO TAC2 - £130.00
QUAD P/Lead - £89.00
DUO P/Lead - £81.54

opticalCon Split

Getting more from your fibre, we are able to breakout multi core fibre to indivudual Neutrik opticalCon connectors. Combinations include;

opticalCon Split 4 core fibre to 2x DUO
8 core fibre to 2x QUAD
12 core fibre to 3x QUAD

Price available on application.